East-Tallinn Central Hospital boasts the most modern Surgery Department in Estonia

15. April 2015

Starting from today, doctors in the Surgery Clinics are able to operate on patients in four operating theatres with state-of-the-art equipment. The new Surgery Department can treat more patients than before and the working and treatment conditions are also better.

The technical and IT systems were also modernised in the course of the complete renovation of the department’s premises, with the best surgical equipment being introduced. It is now the most modern surgery department in Estonia, in which the newest surgical equipment is being used to treat patients.

“We’d been planning to modernise the Surgery Department for a long time,” said Dr Ralf Allikvee, Chairman of the Management Board of East-Tallinn Central Hospital. “The last time the department was extensively renovated was twenty-odd years ago, and it really needed to be thoroughly modernised. I’m pleased the four months of renovations are finally over! This was the first stage in the modernisation of the surgery departments of the Surgery Clinic. We did our best to make use of the existing room layout, while trying to make the department as efficient as possible for staff and more comfortable for patients. Now it’s time to crack on with our everyday work.”

Staff will now be able to work in contemporary conditions using the best technical and IT resources. Conditions for staff have also been improved, with the completion of a new rest area. Changing the room layout made it possible to build four operating theatres in the same space as the former three, guaranteeing patients faster access to surgery.

“We wanted to make substantial changes to the department’s organisation of work as a result of the renovations,” Allikvee explained.  “We wanted to bring everyday large-scale inpatient surgery into the renovated Surgery Department – oncological, general, urological and cardiovascular surgery. And day surgery conditions will also improve.” He added that the new department will change the work of the hospital’s Surgery Clinic in terms of both content and format.

Lia Lind, the director of nursing in the Surgery Department, thanks everyone who helped to complete the renovations to the department. “The best ideas are always born as a result of teamwork,” she said. “Everything we can see around us will please those who’ll be working here every day – doctors, nurses and helpers. It should also reassure patients that they’ll receive the best possible treatment in our hospital.”

The total cost of the renovations was 2.6 million euros. A significant amount of the hospital’s own funds were invested in the project. 104 doctors and 252 nurses work at the Surgery Clinic of East-Tallinn Central Hospital. 107,299 visits were made to the clinic last year and 7059 surgeries were performed in the department, making it a pioneer among clinics that perform surgeries.

East-Tallinn Central Hospital will be celebrating its 230th jubilee this autumn, which is a sign of its durability and consistency.