A modern device eliminates clots within only an hour

11. May 2015

A new device was delivered to the East Tallinn Central Hospital that will help eliminate clots more safely and swiftly than before. We are the first hospital in Estonia to acquire this equipment.

The Straub Rotarex device relies on the principle of the Archimedes-type screw rotating at a speed of approximately 40,000 revolutions per minute and breaking up a clot that has formed in a blood vessel. After the clot has been broken into pieces, the device sucks in the detached thrombotic material and removes it from the body through a catheter.

Up until now, thrombolysis has been used as the treatment method. It involves the injection of a drug into a blood vessel in order to break up the clot blocking it and restore blood flow. Whereas thrombolysis is a very time-consuming procedure that takes 24-48 hours and may lead to various complications, a treatment session with the Rotarex Straub device is about an hour.

Because due to thrombosis the blood vessel is blocked at the bottom, thrombolysis may not necessarily give the required result. The use of the Straub Rotarex can sometimes save lives and prevent extensive amputations.

This device is meant for all. However, thrombosis mainly develops in elderly people. The best treatment for a patient is decided by a council of doctors based on the patient's condition and subject to his or her consent.