First aid instructors of East Tallinn Central Hospital gained popular recognition

12. May 2015

First aid instructors of the East Tallinn Central Hospital (ITK) were awarded the title of people's favourite at the Health Feat 2014 competition. 39.2% of the votes were cast for them.

ITK’s first aid instructors Elisabeth Nahk and Anžela Kaminskas have been offering free first aid training to schools and nursery schools since 2013 and have already trained over 600 people: educators, parents and senior pupils.

Participation in the Health Feat 2014 competition has generated a great deal of popular support. More than 800 people took part in Delfi’s vox populi voting and the first aid training programme received 39.2% of the votes.

According to Anžela Kaminskas and Elisabeth Nahk, it’s always great to get recognition. "The fact that our activities are noticed by others gives us inspiration and confidence that we are doing the right thing. First aid skills are important both for adults and children because they may help save our own lives or the lives of our loved ones.

Health Feat 2014 is a new initiative of the Estonian Service Industry Association seeking to honour individual persons and organisations alike whose brave acts, decisions or other efforts set an example for the rest of us, add value to and support the promotion of health and the development of the health care system as well as deserve recognition in the broadest sense.

This year the organisers of the Health Feat 2014 received 23 suggestions.