Why do people have back pain?

27. May 2015

By working out and being active you can escape problems with your back. They are not an inevitable consequence of sedentary work!

Avoid forced positions

Back pain is often caused by forced positions: sitting with your knees bent, buttocks relaxed, belly pushed forward, back stooped and shoulders huddled. This creates imbalance in the muscles and you start feeling pain in various places. Excessive sitting mostly brings about pain and sore spots in the lower back. They limit normal extension and contraction of muscle tissue. In the case of an active sore spot, the pain is constant and radiates far and wide. The person tries to find a position in which pain and tension would be minimal but that would only exacerbate the problem. This creates a vicious circle. Back pain can be caused by various forced positions, even sleeping in one and the same position.

Pain behind the shoulders

Often people suffer from pain behind the shoulders and, again, the culprit is the wrong sitting position in which shoulders are dropped forward and the trapezius muscle is overstrained. It will help if you stretch once in a while and try to bring your shoulder blades together. You should definitely pay attention to the position of your body and make sure that your shoulders are in the right place.

Pregnancy, flat-footedness and hard work

Some women experience back pain during pregnancy, especially in its final stage. In most cases this pain will go away after childbirth. Expectant mothers also have a sore back because certain muscle groups are contracted and there is imbalance in the muscle system.

Flat-footedness may also cause back pain because this condition affects the way a person walks and the pressure is unevenly distributed throughout the back. Therapeutic soles can bring relief.

The back is also sore is one leg is longer than the other. This problem often goes unnoticed, but if it is discovered early and raised soles are used, the discomfort may be reduced. Hard physical work may also take its toll on your back.

Changes in the vertebrae

The disks between the vertebrae can sometimes change their height and the muscles and ligaments keeping them in place start sagging when the disks become smaller. The spine becomes unstable and disks may protrude as a result of that. This condition is very painful and may occur in any part of the spine. In this case medical assistance is definitely required.

Healthy spine!

Exercise and training will keep your spine healthy! You should work out even if you have an ergonomic chair. In the case of degenerative spine disease deep muscles should be strengthened by special exercises.

Make your butt tight! If you sit a lot, you should definitely train your buttocks muscles. A tight butt does not just look aesthetic, but is very important in terms of health. If your buttocks muscles are strong, it's good for your bearing, your body is straight and you will not assume the so-called duck posture.

Stretch! When you sit, you should stretch your overstrained muscles (for instance, your rear thigh muscles). You should not forget about stretching after the workout as well, because failing to do so may lead to back pain.

Do some exercises while sitting! For instance, tighten your buttocks or belly muscles. It is also necessary to stretch the rear muscles of your thighs. Standing up and changing your position will also do you much good. It is useful to lie on your back between sitting sessions.

Massage yourself! Massaging your painful back will relax tense muscle groups.

Choose suitable exercises! Working out may help you get rid of back pain. You should persevere, in this case.

Good activities for your back are Pilates, body balance and yoga. Swimming and water aerobics are also wonderful helpers, but you should avoid staining your neck.

If your work is sedentary, you should exercise at least three times a week. Less physical activity will not make any difference, because muscle memory lasts for approximately three days. If you train your muscles only once in a while, they will forget what they’ve done and you should start from scratch. Do varied exercises.

If you experience back pain, see a physical therapist. He will show you the correct exercises.


Source: Tervis Pluss