East-Tallinn Central Hospital has a new, modern CT scanner

6. July 2015

A modern Philips Ingenuity Elite CT scanner will be used at the Radiology Centre of East-Tallinn Central Hospital.

“New technology provides additional imaging options and makes it possible to reduce the radiation dose patients receive during a scan by up to 80%. Also, new technology minimises imaging noise and differentiates between similar tissues more effectively. Because technology is in constant development, it enables us to provide our patients with ever faster and better treatment options,” said Tõnis Loigom, Head of the Radiology Centre.

And Taivi Tolli, Head of Nursing at the Radiology Centre, is very glad to have a new CT scanner. “Thanks to the modern scanner, we are able to take scans with a lower radiation dose and this is good news for our patients.”

The new scanner uses a metal artifact-reduction technology which makes it possible to get a significantly clearer image of areas containing a metal object, for example, of tissues next to a hip implant.

This autumn, East-Tallinn Central Hospital celebrates its 230th anniversary – a sign of its stability and continuity.