Make sure that your elderly loved ones do not suffer from loneliness during holidays

29. January 2016

The holidays are a time for showing that you care, spending time with your loved ones and, what is more, listening to each other. In the hustle and bustle of the busy holiday season, we should do our best to visit an elderly relative who possibly lives alone in an isolated location or find time for those who spend their last years with dignity in a nursing care clinic.

However, why is it often the case that we supposedly have no time or chance to visit our elderly loved ones who suffer from loneliness? How come that although those in old age have children and relatives, none of them takes time to drop by, listen and talk – in other words, dedicate a moment to a person for whom it brings the utmost joy and satisfaction?

In the Long-Term Nursing Clinic of the East-Tallinn Central Hospital, the upcoming holidays are a special time of year. It is good to know that musicians come to perform here for the elderly. Children are more than welcome and from early December, activity groups make Christmas decorations and patients are involved in adding a festive touch to hospital rooms. Employees of the Long-Term Nursing Clinic do their best to bring a measure of holiday spirit to the clinic’s premises to help patients experience a feeling that is somewhat more special than during the rest of the year. Still, the hospital is missing something essential.

Find a moment to stop and contemplate

The Long-Term Nursing Clinic of the East-Tallinn Central Hospital caters to the needs of those who are not able cope independently at home and require nursing care. Or those who have no relatives or whose loved ones live far away. All our patients are waiting for someone. Someone to come to visit, sit at their bedside, hold their hand and listen. Someone who does not rush off right away.

Eve Karmo, Head of the Clinic, encourages people to come for a visit whenever possible, because one never knows when it will be the last chance to do so. To find time for elderly loved ones, to share the warmth of your heart with them and be prepared to hear them out, to be with them and by their side.

“The employees of the Long-Term Nursing Clinic do their best to help the elderly feel the holiday spirit and experience an atmosphere that is somewhat different from every day. But we are not able to replace their loved ones. Some are in a cycle of waiting and hoping expectantly, experiencing disappointment and waiting once again. Still others show no outward signs of waiting for someone, but perk up as soon as they hear a familiar voice. Time spent together is invaluable,” says the Head of the Long-Term Nursing Clinic, wishing everyone “Happy Holidays” and encouraging all of us to take a moment to value the past from where we come as well as the present in which we exist and to take a glance at the future we are headed toward. No one likes to be lonely and the same is true for the elderly. In the hustle and bustle of the holiday period, let us find time – despite our busy schedules, living a long distance away or simply having drifted apart – to drop by the Nursing Clinic and be where we are supposed to, by the side of those who are close to us who are advanced in years.

You can help!

The Long-Term Nursing Clinic of the East-Tallinn Central caters to those who are not able cope independently due to their age, state of helplessness or undergoing an incident. Here, the staff do their best to provide for the patients’ primary needs as well as brighten up their daily routine and offer opportunities to spend time with their loved ones. Also, the clinic provides support and consultation for the family members of elderly patients and promotes their spending time together, and despite their busy work schedule, employees strive to find a moment or two for each patient.

"I would like to express my appreciation to all who in the past year have helped us by word and deed. We have accomplished much. I am very glad to see that works of art by the students of the Academy Of Arts add a nice touch to the interior of the Nursing Clinic, making the patient’s daily lives a bit more varied. That everything is the way it is – we have wonderful staff, dear colleagues, a united team that ensures that our everyday work runs smoothly and helpers from among G4S’ sea rescue workers. In the spring of the coming year, we are planning to move on with the project of fixing up the clinic’s courtyard, thus providing the elderly and their loved ones with yet another opportunity to be with each other and spend time outdoors,” concludes the Director of the Long-Term Nursing Clinic, wishing for the upcoming holidays that everyone would be able to spend this special time of the year with their loved ones, have a measure of peace in their heart and enjoy memories of past times.

Your contribution is more than welcome if you would like to support the cause of the Long-Term Nursing Clinic.

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