Orthopaedist Vahur Metsna awarded the title Doctor of the Year 2015 by the East-Tallinn Central Hospital

22. January 2016

This year, the official event for recognising Employees of the Year of the East-Tallinn Central Hospital was held for the 11th time. Orthopaedist Vahur Metsna was awarded the title Doctor of the Year 2015.

Ralf Allikvee, Chairman of the Board of the East-Tallinn Central Hospital, expressed his appreciation to the hospital’s employees, saying that 2015 has been an eventful year for the East-Tallinn Central Hospital and that he is glad to admit that they can start the new year with an optimistic outlook. The recognition event for Employees of the Year is a great opportunity to take notice of and thank dear colleagues, but also to sum up the past year as an organisation as well as individually.

Orthopaedist Vahur Metsna, who was awarded the title Doctor of the Year 2015, started his career at the East-Tallinn Central Hospital right after completing his university studies, first as an intern and a resident orthopaedist, learning from more experienced colleagues, and later working as an orthopaedist. In addition to his regular job he has continuously pursued professional development and additional activities in his field of specialisation, completed his doctoral studies and successfully defended his PhD thesis at the start of this year. He is a member of the Estonian Medical Association, the Estonian Association of Traumatologists and Orthopaedists, and the Estonian Arthroplasty Association. He is also the author of a number of academic articles. Colleagues and patients hold Dr. Metsna in high regard as a medical specialist as well as a person. In his daily work, he is friendly, sympathetic and always prepared to participate in finding solutions that contribute to forward-looking decision making.

Others who received a mention as Doctors of the Year are gynaecologist Tiiu Mäss, rehabilitation specialist Ruth Kivistik, radiologist Mariliis Soonsein, cardiologist/senior doctor Niina Bogomolova, ophthalmologist Janika Jürgens, dermatologist/senior doctor Pille Konno.

Leili Pärnpuu, midwife at the Maternity Counselling Unit of the Women's Clinic, was awarded the title Nursing Employee of the Year 2015. The title Care Worker of the Year 2015 went to Merike Veelmaa, carer of the Nursing Care Department III of the Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation.

For the eighth year in row, the East-Tallinn Central Hospital gave awards to the best cleaning worker, customer service worker and secretary. The title Customer Service Worker of the Year 2015 went to Marju Koks. Elena Tarasova and Kaja Seppi received recognition as Cleaning Worker of the Year 2015 and Secretary of the Year 2015 respectively.

The East-Tallinn Central Hospital also recognises clinical support specialists and non-clinical specialists.
Clinical Specialist of the Year 2015 is Piret Laus, physiotherapist of the Outpatient Clinic for Rehabilitation Services, Non-Clinical Specialist of the Year 2015 is Marika Tammaru, Head of the Research Division.