Time for Elderly to get fit!

20. December 2016

East Tallinn Central Hospital Nursing & Nursing Care Clinic had an exiting day in 19 December. MyFitness and G4S brought training equipment to elderly patients.

It all started nearly a half a year ago when My Fitness began replacing traing equipment in gymns and was looking for new use to their current devices. The idea to bring these to nursing clinic came from Head of LifeGuard Divison in G4S, Mr Henry Saamel. Saamel and his trainees have visited nursing clinic in numerous times and have noticed the need for training devices.

According to the director of East Tallinn Central Hospital Nursing & Nursing Care Clinic dr Eve Karmo these devices are of great help to clinic’s elderly patients. Good equipment is very expensive to acquire and at the moment, unaffordable. „But now we have better oppurtunities to keep our patients physically active“ shared Eve Karmo her joy.


Together with clinic specialits proper equipment was chosen that best support the joints being active and shortly before Christmas treadmills, ellipses ja bicycles arrived to the clinic.

Treadmills are helpful for jogging or walking, ellipses give stress to the whole body and train coordination. Bicycles are good for those who find it hard to stand up but are comfortable with sitting down and moving legs.

While being hospitalized for longer and having to stay in bed, joints and muscles loose their strength. We live because we are moving and it allows us have great life. One does not need extreme physical stress but merely opening the window and walking on a treadmill will do it’s job, said the Head of LifeGuard Divison in G4S, Mr Henry Saamel „

We are thankful for giving our elderly patients an opportunity to excercise!