A consultation helpline for information on radiology procedures launched today

25. February 2016

A consultation helpline for information on radiology procedures was launched.

We launched a consultation helpline for patients as well as doctors to provide information on what various radiology procedures involve and how to prepare for each one of them. The information helpline is handled by a radiology technician who gives answers to further questions about performing various procedures.

“The goal of launching this consultation helpline is to provide patients with necessary information and thus avoid problems that arise when the patient shows up for the procedure but is not knowledgeable enough about it. Also, doctors will get more detailed information about various examinations. If questions asked are not directly connected to radiology procedures and are outside of our competence, we forward information on from where to find the desired answers,” says Evelin Märtson, Nursing Director of the Diagnostic Clinic, explaining the organisation of work at the consultation helpline.

The need for launching such a consultation service has been apparent for quite some time because in the course of their everyday work radiology technicians have to respond to inquiries which should have been answered prior to the patient’s showing up for a procedure, but just slipped one’s mind or there was no way to obtain this information. The new consultation helpline for radiology procedures is a quick and convenient option to get access to such information.

The consultation helpline for radiology procedures (call 666 5166) takes calls on working days from 08:00 to 16:00. Alternatively, contact the helpline by e-mail at radioloogiainfo[A]itk.ee.

Patients are welcome to call the information helpline prior to undergoing any kind of radiology procedure, for example, an ultrasound scan, an X-ray, a CT or MRI scan, mammography, an isotope examination, intravenous urography or 18F-FDG PET/CT imaging.

Contact for additional information:

666 5166