The Eye Clinic celebrated its 30th anniversary

18. February 2016

The Eye Clinic of the East-Tallinn Central Hospital celebrated its 30th anniversary. In addition to a conference in a celebratory vein, a thorough jubilee collection book on the clinic’s history and current activities was presented.

The Eye Clinic’s key to success lies in its tightly knit team of hard-working employees. It includes 17 people who have worked at the clinic for more than 20 years and eight who have been on the team for more than ten years. To promote continuous professional development, specialists and nurses of the Eye Clinic participate in professional training events in eye clinics abroad and international conferences whenever possible. Also, cooperation with other fields of specialisation has proved to be successful – all for the good of patients.

In 2010, the Eye Clinic was awarded an accreditation from the European Board of Ophthalmology and is a recognised ophthalmology teaching centre that has been visited by colleagues from Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Albania, Ukraine, Germany as well as Congo. Also, it has operated as the ocular oncology centre of the Baltic region for 23 years.

In 2014, a corneal endothelial transplantation using a novel, considerably more effective method was carried out for the very first time in the Eye Clinic of East Tallinn Central Hospital. Using this new revolutionary method, only a super thin, damaged layer of the cornea, with a diameter of approximately 30 microns, was transplanted. The surgery was to save the eye of a 75-year-old patient and restore the patient’s eyesight.

“This celebration is a great opportunity to express our gratitude to our former and current employees and partners for their vast contribution. What we have achieved together holds immeasurable value for the future of the Eye Clinic as well as that of the entire hospital,” says Dr. Artur Klett, Head of the Eye Clinic, who is very glad to present a thorough jubilee collection book which takes the reader back to the very first years of the Eye Clinic in pictures and words and shows that the Clinic has come a long way indeed.

Currently, the clinic employs 27 doctors, 51 nurses, 18 carers and 5 non-clinical employees, providing ophthalmology care to the population of North Estonia and attending to over 93,000 patients a year. More than 9,500 ophthalmologic surgeries, of which 6,500 are cataract operations, are performed annually in the five operating rooms of the surgical ward division.