The Women's Clinic Welcomed 15 sets of twins in January

2. February 2017

Last month was a record breaker. The Women’s Clinic welcomed 15 sets of twins. This is the largest number of twins born within the past 5 years.


The new year brought lots of joy and hard work to Women’s Clinic. In January 354 babies were born in the clinic, which is also the largest number of babies being born in January during the past 5 years.

In January 177 boys and 177 girls were born.  So far, 13 months in a row there the number of newborn boys has alvays been greater than the number of girls.

The midwifes assisted 339 deliveries, including the births of the above mentioned 15 sets of twins.  Usually the clinic welcomes  6-7 sets of twins every month.  3 sets of twins were born at the same day, 12 January.

We wish lots of joy to all the families and their the newborns and much success to midwifes who are doing such a great job in helping the babies into this world!