Opening hours prior to Midsummer Day

20. June 2017


During the public holiday, 23 June the poyclinis, registry offices and customer service phone lines are closed. 

Prior to the holiday, 22 june the opening hours in polyclinics are shortened:

Central Hospital polyclinic  (Ravi 18) is opened 7.30–15.00

Womens' clinicis opened  7.30–16.00 

X-ray office is opened   8.00–15.00

Specimen collection is opened  7.30–13.00

Magdaleena polyclinic (Pärnu mnt 104) is opened 7.30–16.00

X-ray office is opened 8.00–13.00

Specimen collection is opened 7.30–13.00

Hea Tervise Keskus 8.00–13.00

Radiology X-corps (Pärnu mnt 104B) is closed           

Tõnismäe polyclinic (Hariduse 6) is opened 7.00–16.00

Specimen collection is opened 7.30–12.30

Phone lines (phone no 666 1900) is opened 7.15–16.00.

Emergency department is opened 24/7 at Ravi 18, C-corps.

Happy Holidays and stay healthy!
East-Tallinn Central Hospital