Triplets born in June

30. June 2017

The end of June was very special for the maternity hospital of the Central Hospital. We welcomed triplets.


The birth of triplets is a very rare occasion and we had the honor to welcome two brothers and a sister into this world. The last set of triplets were born four years ago in 2013.

„The occasion made us very happy, because all the babies are healthy“, said the coordinator of midwifery, Helle Pihel. „The family already had children before, but having three more all at once is something totally new. The whole delivery department is supporting them as much as needed“, she said.

The head of midwifery, Silja Staalfeldt-Rahumägi commented that the pregnancy of the mother went very well and the mom and the babies were in good health during her pregnancy. „It is very important to report about the pregnancy as early as possible and to regularly do the check ups. Today’s methods are already very good and enable to quickly discover possible drifts from the normal state“, explains Silja Staalfeldt-Rahumägi.

In June there has been 344 deliveries in East Tallinn Central Hospital. 354 babies were born of which 191 were boys and 163 girls. There have been 8 sets of twins and a set of triplets.  During the first 6 months this year already 2006 have been born.