New method of 3D laparoscopic surgery makes operating faster and more precise

6. March 2018

East Tallinn Central Hospital recently adopted a new 3D method of laparoscopic surgery. „It would be too much to say that the new method is revolutionary, but it definitely is an important technical progress in the field of surgery in Estonia“, said surgeon Dr Martin Adamson.

Today, it is possible to perform many operations with the minimally invasive method- through small holes with the help of optical devices, where the quality of the picture is very important. Comparing to 2D the 3D method adds depth to the picture. It provides additional information and reduces risks, because the surgeon’s movements will be more precise and faster.

The surgeon will have a more correct view of the organs. The new device also allows to perform more complicated operations like extensive removal of tumors. The 3D laparoscopic surgery has lower risk of complications and therefore is also safer for patients.

For surgery residents the process of learning the 3D method is much faster than it was with the 2D method. But for a surgeon to upgrade from 2D to 3D is only a matter of days.

It is possible to use all the 2D instruments also with the new 3D method which makes it more cost effective for the hospital. The new 3D method can be used in general surgery, urology and also in gynaecology.

The list of laparoscopic surgeries is very long and the most well known are the removal of gall bladder, removal ofappendix and bariatric operations.