Annual Vascular Workshop at East Tallinn Central Hospital, September 18-19

25. September 2019

For 4 years already, East-Tallinn Central Hospital has been hosting the Annual Vascular Workshop. The course consisted of two practical days of learning and training, which the participants were able to simultaneously observe as live case transmissions from cathlabs of East Tallinn Central Hospital and Maria Cecilia Hospital Cotignola, Italy.

The aim of the 1st day of the workshop was to give update into the role of vessel preparation (Rotarex thrombectomy, scoring devices, lithoplasty) in endovascular treatment of peripheral artery disease, advanced endovascular treatment of CLI and diabetic foot, pharmacomechanical Thrombectomy of DVT. The 2nd day focused on embolization: venous embolization of pelvic congestion syndrome, varicocele and prostata embolization.