A 101-year-old woman is recovering from difficult surgery and a bone fracture

26. February 2020

The patient underwent complex surgery and needed help to become mobile again after the fracture. Dr Sooba and physiotherapists made it possible.

It is not easy to live up to the age of 101, especially when you have to fight with bowel cancer and a hip fracture. Mrs Linda Ranner, however, overcame these difficulties and will soon be celebrating her 102nd birthday.

Linda spent only seven days in the hospital before returning home. Unfortunately, Linda is currently recovering in East Tallinn Central Hospital after breaking her hip after surgery. Dr Eve Sooba, a chief physician at the hospital, said that a hip fracture can be a life-threatening injury. “A hip fracture is the most common cause of death,” said Sooba, adding that the first months are especially critical. Doctors taught 101-year-old Linda to sit again, put weight on the leg and walk.

Linda admitted that she would like to get rid of the crutch tomorrow, but has yet to recover. Linda is especially grateful to her family and children. “I never would have thought they would be such good caretakers,” she said.