Certificates for sick leave can temporarily be executed online

15. March 2020

In connection with the emergency situation declared in Estonia, people who have fallen ill or need a certificate for care leave can open an appropriate certificate themselves in the patient portal digilugu.ee.

You can still phone your family health centre to get a certificate for sick leave or care leave, but due to the sharp increase in the workload of family physicians, it may prove difficult to contact them. Messages entered in the patient portal are sent to the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, your employer and your family physician. A certificate for sick leave or care leave is automatically opened based on the patient's application. Persons will receive a call from the family health centre within a week to specify their health status and possible symptoms.

Read more about how to execute a certificate for sick leave: https://haigekassa.ee/en/uudised/work-sick-leave-can-be-filed-online-temporary-measure-monday