Estonian Rescue Board to put up tent outside East-Tallinn Central Hospital Department of Emergency Medicine

31. March 2020

Today, the Rescue Board will put up a tent outside the Department of Emergency Medicine of East-Tallinn Central Hospital which will be used to prioritise people in need of emergency care based on their condition.

“We are ready to help people in need during the emergency situation,” said Head of Department of Emergency Medicine Märt Põlluveer. “A special triage tent has been set up outside the Department of Emergency Medicine to carry out initial health checks. Our waiting rooms are small and a heated tent will provide much needed space.” “The tent will be used for first contact with people coming to receive emergency care,” he adds, “and patients will be referred to the hospital as needed.”

According to Põlluveer, patients with suspected infections will be separated from people with other health emergencies and tests will be taken if required; people requiring out-patient treatment will receive a consultation and people with more severe conditions will be admitted to the hospital. Thought has also been given to the arrival of patients with suspected COVID-19.

We would like to remind patients that people with COVID-19 or persons who are experiencing symptoms related to the illness (coughing, runny nose, fever) should not turn to emergency care. First, call your family physician for advice or call the family physician hotline at 1220 or the emergency number 112. We also ask that you not seek emergency care if you have mild symptoms of viral disease.

The tent has 46 square metres of floor space and can be heated with fan heaters. The Rescue Board normally uses such tents for housing and resting purposes at large-scale events, such as forest fires or missions to other countries.