Scheduled treatments are suspended

16. March 2020

In connection with the prevalence of the Covid-19 virus, the hospital has suspended scheduled treatments in order to be prepared for changes resulting from the emergency situation.

The hospital must first and foremost ensure treatment for critical patients. We will be contacting people with previously scheduled appointments and treatments.

Patients can expect to hear from their doctor or the hospital's representative. The doctor providing treatment will decide how to proceed with particular patients based on the condition of the patient. The doctor will decide whether to postpone the appointment, arrange a remote consultation over the phone or call the patient in for treatment.

The patient will be informed with a text message two days prior to their appointment at the hospital and over the phone at least one day before their scheduled appointment at the hospital. "If you have not been contacted and it is time for you to come to the hospital for an appointment, please do not respect your appointment but call customer service at 666 1900," Lea Karik, Head of Customer Service emphasised. In addition, we recommend that patients review their contact data in the patient portal and update it if necessary.

Visiting patients is still prohibited to ensure the safety of patients and healthcare officials. We remind you that people with the COVID-19 virus or persons who are experiencing symptoms related to the illness (coughing, runny nose, fever) should not turn to emergency care. First, call your family physician for advice or call the family physician hotline at 1220 or the emergency number 112. We also ask that you not seek emergency care if you have mild symptoms of viral disease.