Family deliveries allowed again as of 18 May

15. May 2020

The maternity hospital of East-Tallinn Central Hospital will allow fathers to attend births again as of 18 May – after the end of the emergency situation, the father of the child or a close family member may accompany women coming to give birth.

According to Vivian Arusaar, Head Midwife of the Women’s Clinic of East-Tallinn Central Hospital, this will come as good news to all women expecting to give birth as well as all families. “I’m glad that we can allow family deliveries once again,” says Arusaar on the matter, “so that fathers can be present at the birth and support the mother. These past nine weeks have shown us that all women who come here to give birth have been incredibly brave and coped well even without a partner present. Naturally, it hasn’t been easy for them. I want to thank all mothers and their families for being so understanding about why we made such a difficult decision to deny partners at birth.”

Family members who arrive at the hospital to attend a birth must be healthy and comply with the additional safety precautions set out by the hospital. Upon arrival, family members must fill in a health declaration and their body temperature will also be checked.

Wearing a surgical protection mask is mandatory for the duration of the visit and partners will not be allowed to leave the delivery room at any time. Doulas and other alternative support persons are not allowed at the maternity ward as of yet. Due to safety reasons, it is also currently not possible to allow family members in the OR for caesarean sections – the more people in the room, the harder it is to ensure their controlled movement and avoid accidental contact between all parties.

Family members must leave the hospital once the person giving birth is transferred from the maternity ward to a postpartum room. We recommend that you make sure the mother-to-be has everything she needs before coming to the hospital. You can keep your family updated on the first days of the newborn via phone or computer. Free Wi-Fi is available to everyone at the hospital.

All women coming to give birth will continue to be tested for the coronavirus and they must fill in a health declaration and wear a protective mask until the test results come back.

“Regardless of the fact that work organisation at the maternity ward will remain out of the ordinary,” says Arusaar, “I would like to assure all women coming to give birth that our staff is always on hand to give advice and support – feel free to ask for anything you want or need.

Even in the unexpected event that the mother-to-be has caught the coronavirus, we will ensure all necessary support and do everything we can, whilst following every safety measure, to make sure the mother and child are safe. See you at the maternity ward of East-Tallinn Central Hospital!”