Prime Minister Mr Jüri Ratas greets for great work in fighting back the coronavirus

12. June 2020

East-Tallinn Central Hospital expresses gratitude to Prime Minister Jüri Ratas for remembering and recognizing the hospital in the fight against the coronavirus.

The Prime Minister writes:

The last few months have been difficult due to the spread of the coronavirus, and we have had to change our habits, thinking and behavior.

I am proud that as a society and with the help of every Estonian, we were able to resist the spread of the infection and thereby save our people.

Special thanks have to those who were at the forefront of the struggle with their daily work and contribution, who were unable to hold their office remotely or who had a heavier-than-usual burden of responsibility due to the crisis.

I thank you sincerely and wish you much strength, joy and health in the future!