Health checkups provide quick and thorough overview of one's health

24. July 2020

Generally, people tend to ignore minor health issues, or queues to see a medical specialist are so long that it takes a couple of months for a patient to have their concerns addressed. For saving time, there is an additional option is to get a full medical checkup at East Tallinn Central Hospital.

It is a simple and convenient solution. No referrals are needed – instead, health will be assessed on the basis of a complete and thorough medical examination. All tests will be done in the same location and at the time preferred by the patient.

Health checkup is quick and thorough

Quick and convenient thorough medical examination

According to Dr Alice Lill, head of the Clinic of Internal Medicine, the advantage of this compact set of tests lies in providing patients with quick high-quality tests, with an initial assessment of their physical condition and, if necessary, with additional information about running further tests, as well as advice on supplementary monitoring or treatment.

“What we usually hear when asking people about their reasons for choosing our checkup programme is that they are interested in their health and it is convenient for them to have all tests done in one day, in a relatively short time,” says Dr. Lill. “For others it is important to be able to see an experienced doctor who will individually review and explain their test results.”

General and Cardiac examinations

At East Tallinn Central Hospital, one can choose between three full medical check-ups: a one-day, general outpatient checkup, a oneday cardiac checkup that both take four hours and a two-day cardiac checkup, which is especially recommended to patients suffering from a heart condition – this takes 32 hours to complete and includes an overnight stay in a private hospital room.

A fee is required for the medical checkup. According to Dr Lill, it is an ideal solution for people with tight schedules who don’t have much time on their hands, but at the same time would like to get an overall picture of their health and value a consultation with an experienced doctor. In addition, undergoing a medical checkup is a great option for people who lead an active lifestyle and travel a lot, as well as for those who work abroad but would like to check their health status during their time off from work.

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