Appointments and information:
Appointments and information:

Appointment with a thrombosis nurse

Patients prescribed anticoagulant therapy, i.e. treatment preventing blood clotting, or for whom it is planned, are welcome at the office of the thrombosis nurse.

The nurse will explain the principle of anticoagulant therapy, will provide advice when it comes to choosing compression stockings, and will explain what ‘living with thrombosis’ means. The nurse will prescribe additional tests and analyses, if necessary, which the patient will later bring with them to the physician’s appointment at the thrombosis office. Consultation by a thrombosis nurse takes place on the basis of a referral.

All people planning longer trips are welcome to travel thrombosis consultation. The nurse evaluates the risk of thrombosis and gives recommendations for preventing it. Travel thrombosis consultation is a paid service and a referral is not required for this.