Appointments and information:
Appointments and information:

Massage of one region, 15 min

A massage helps to improve the circulation of tissues and stimulates metabolism. A massage also normalises the function of the nervous system and muscles, which in turn helps to relieve muscle tension. A massage is also used to relieve stress and to increase and maintain the ability to work.

Massage or manual therapy is an age-old treatment method which originates from ancient India. We offer classical medical massage therapy which is focused on a single problematic area. An experienced specialist will massage you according to your wishes or the doctor’s prescription. Massage is used on different areas: the shoulder girdle, back, legs or hands.

The procedure lasts for 30 minutes and afterwards you can lie down in the room for a few minutes to further embed the effect of the massage.

If you have health issues, we recommend consulting your family doctor or rehabilitation physician prior to the massage.

The service is paid (in the case of medical indications, it is reimbursed by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund).