Appointments and information:
Appointments and information:

Psychologist’s appointment (psychotherapy) 60min*

A psychologist has two courses of action in the rehabilitation team.

  • Evaluation of emotional and psychological problems, intervention and prevention (e.g. anxiety disorders, depression, sleep disorders, day-to-day coping with chronic pain).
    A psychologist helps to recognise mental health problems and relieve them through counselling, if necessary.

You should contact a psychologist if you have, over an extended period of time (more than a few weeks), felt decreased mood, depression, loss of interest and/or hopelessness, if you are often anxious or easily irritable, if you have problems falling asleep or other signs characteristic of a mood disorder.

  • Evaluation and improvement of cognitive functions. A psychologist evaluates the processes related to memory, perception and attention, problem solving ability and general intellectual capability through conversation and different tests.
    You should contact a psychologist if you or someone close to you has, for example, developed problems concentrating, changes in the regular pattern of behaviour (unusual behaviour or thoughts), increased forgetfulness and/or language or speech disorders. A psychologist can help to ascertain whether the changes are natural manifestations of ageing or whether it could be some neurological or psychiatric disorder.
    A psychologist also awaits people who have already been diagnosed with a neurological illness (for example, a stroke).
    In addition to evaluations, a psychologist also conducts training exercises to improve cognitive functions, if necessary.

To receive services compensated by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, it is necessary to have a direct referral to a clinical psychologist by a family physician or a referral to a rehabilitation physician who evaluates the necessity of a psychologist’s consultation and prescribes the necessary services.

Without a referral, we also offer paid consultation services by a psychologist.