Appointments and information:
Appointments and information:

Ultra-cold therapy

Ultra-cold therapy of the whole body is indicated for joint disorders, rheumatic spine disorders, asthma and post-traumatic joint and muscle pains. Ultra-cold therapy has a strong anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect. Ultra-cold therapy is also used by athletes to improve strength and speed and general wellbeing.

Ultra-cold therapy is a treatment method which involves people staying in a room cooled to between –100 and –140°C, wearing only swimwear (but with their hands, feet, nose and ears covered).

The pain subsides immediately after ultra-cold therapy for one to five hours. A general sense of wellbeing also persists for about as long.

It is recommended that ultra-cold therapy be administered in the form of several shorter courses with smaller intervals or as a single longer course.

Ultra-cold therapy has no age limitations or serious contraindications, except for decompensated elevated blood pressure.

We ask patients coming to ultra-cold therapy procedures to bring gloves, closed-in shoes and a headband or hat with them to protect their ears because fingers, toes, the nose and ears are unable to tolerate the cold in the chamber.

Duration: 2 to 4 minutes

A physician’s referral is necessary to receive the service. The service is paid (in the case of medical indications, it is reimbursed by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund).


Tõnis Päi
Tõnis Päi
Clinic of Internal Medicine, Centre of Rheumatology