Appointments and information:
Appointments and information:

Ultrasound therapy

Ultraheliravi on kõrgsagedusliku, väikese intensiivsusega heli rakendamine ravi eesmärgil.

Ultrasound therapy means the application of high-frequency low-intensity sound for treatment. The ultrasound procedure has a deep-heating effect which relieves pain, relaxes and is anti-inflammatory. The ultrasound procedure softens and helps with the resorption of old scar tissue and adhesions. The main indications are chronic arthritis and neuritis, chronic pain syndrome and contractures. Ultrasound is suitable for treating joints, nerves, tendons and muscles. Ultrasound improves the nutrition of tissues in post-traumatic conditions and poorly healing wounds.

The duration of the procedure is up to 15 minutes. The duration and frequency of the procedure is prescribed by the doctor.

A physician’s referral is necessary to receive the service. The service is paid.