Setup of the hearing equipment, its maintenance and counselling

Based on the needs arising from hearing damage and the wish of patients, it is possible to program different hearing aids at our hospital (Sivantos GmbH, Phnoak).

At the hearing centre we also take and order individual ear tip imprints and offer maintenance and counselling.

A referral from a family or specialist doctor is required for the examination! You can also get a paid examination without a referral and with a shorter waiting time.


  • by phone 666 1900 Mon - Fr 7.15 – 18.00
  • on site at the reception

Read more about coming for a medical specialist appointment.

Counseling takes place in the Tõnismäe unit. Patients with reduced mobility should contact the Audiomed hearing centre at Kotka Health Centre (Kotka 12, Tallinn) to purchase a new hearing aid or set up and/or repair an existing hearing aid purchased from us. This service is provided under the same conditions as in our hospital.