Bariatric nurse's appointment

Overweight patients and their loved ones, patients before and after surgery, are welcome at the bariatric nurse's appointment.

At the bariatric nurse's appointment we will:

  • assess and map the current dietary habits and physical activity of the patient;
  • teach the patient how to keep a food diary and refer the patient to a nutrition nurse;
  • review the initial blood tests and refer the patient, if necessary, to the appointment of an internist and/or endocrinologist;
  • refer the patient to preoperative tests (gastroscopy, ECG, blood tests, ultrasound) and the appointment of an anaesthesiologist and surgeon;

teach the patient how to eat properly after the surgery, how to perform wound care at home and what is substitution treatment.


Beata Hanesoo
Beata Hanesoo
Surgery Clinic, Centre of General and Oncological Surgery