Appointments and information:
Appointments and information:

Vaccination against influenza – vaccine with four variants

Influenza is an acute virus which takes a heavier toll on the body than a common cold.

Vaccination is effective and is the principal method used for preventing the disease. We recommend getting vaccinated at the start of the peak season, from October to December. You will start to develop immunity a week after getting vaccinated. The vaccine is safe and will not cause you to fall ill with influenza.  Vaccination is contraindicated if you are hypersensitive to any of the vaccine ingredients or are seriously ill with a fever. Mild rhinitis and coughing do not constitute a contraindication.

Vaccination against influenza

  • Vaccination against influenza takes place in Magdaleena Outpatient Clinic (Pärnu mnt 104) room MD0224.

  • Vaccination is available for adults and minors starting from six months old. A quadrivalent vaccine VaxigripTetra is used.

  • Vaccination against influenza costs 16 €.

  • To register for vaccination, book in advance, by calling 666 1900.

  • If you or your child are experiencing an acute infection accompanied by a high temperature or any symptoms of respiratory illness, the vaccination must be postponed until you or your child are feeling well.

  • If you or your child are planning/undergoing other vaccinations, it is recommended to have a break of two weeks between vaccinations.

  • For legal persons please email your vaccination request to anna.mjasnikova [at] () or call 606 7751.

  • We also offer vaccination service for €17 per vaccine at the client’s location if there are at least 10 people interested in the vaccine.


Marina Lausis
Clinic of Internal Medicine, Centre of Occupational Health