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  • Cancer treatment has been implemented at East-Tallinn Central Hospital since 2007.
  • Every year around 3000 patients are being treated at our Center.

At East-Tallinn Central Hospital we are treating all types of tumors, except hematological malignancies. The Center of Oncology offers modern and complex care for cancer patients with different treatment options at outpatient´s clinic, daycare clinic and inpatient departments.

As a first step, you should book an appointment by our oncologist to discuss your worries and medical history. Before the beginning of a treatment you will undergo various tests supported by leading technology and tools available at our Center.

Cancer treatment requires a multidisciplinary approach – your primary oncological treatment plan will be put together by the Oncological Council. Treatment methods may include one or many of chemotherapy, oncological surgery or radiation oncology

Starting from 2010 the Center of Oncology is partnering with best field experts from Finland who offer advice or co-treatment to our patients, if requested. Our center includes 6 inpatient beds and 3 daycare units. The Center of Oncology provides 24-hour duty in oncological treatment and/or consultations. 

Outpatient´s Clinic

Outpatient`s Clinic is a treatment option for patients who are in good general health and who’s treatment includes oral medication or up to 4-hour drip infusion care. We kindly remind to all our patients at the Outpatient`s Clinic to not to plan other important appointments for the same day as there might be a need for additional tests or prolonged treatment. 

Day Care ClinicOncology Center Day Care Clinic at East-Tallinn Central Hospital

Day care clinic is for patients’ who´s cancer care procedures require short hospitalization (4-10 hours). The treatment is received in a comfortable bed-chair, separated by a curtain in a room supplied with a TV. All the procedures are guided and consulted by a qualified nurse. After the treatment a patient will be checked out same day

Inpatient Department

Longer and advanced cancer treatments are executed at the Oncology Center Inpatient Department. Severe complications of chemotherapy are being treated here as well. 

Our Outpatient and Day Care Clinics provide access to several reading materials describing the procedures of chemotherapy and offer a possibility to consult your questions or worries to a qualified nurse

Thanks to the increased availability of assisting medicine administered during the chemotherapy procedures, the numbers of patients suffering from constant vomiting and feeling of faintness have dramatically decreased.

In addition to effective treatment, all cancer patients appreciate supportive and affectionate healing environment and this is the target of our work every day.

Palliative Care

Oncological science involves the development of palliative care which provides support and higher quality of life for people to whom cancer treatment has not been effective or the treatment has ended. Our Center is working closely with the Long-Term Nursing Clinic at East-Tallinn Central Hospital. 

Location and Contacts

Oncological treatment center is located at East-Tallinn Central Hospital Magdaleena unit

MD Kristiina Ojamaa
Head of the Center
phone (+372) 6067643

phone (+372) 6067771