Center of Urology

Our core values: patient-orientedness, professionalism and teamwork.

The Center of Urology at East Tallinn Central Hospital is one of the oldest of its kind in Estonia. A separate urology department was established at the Tallinn I Hospital on 4 January 1950. In 2017, the Center of Urology was set up under the Surgery Clinic while the latter underwent some structural changes. The center currently has 7 urologists, 20 nurses, 10 caregivers and 2 assistants.

The Center of Urology includes a urology department, a urology outpatient clinic and a day care clinic

Urology Department

Treatment areas

  • Surgical treatment of uro-oncological conditions
  • Kidney stone removal
  • Urinary incontinence surgery in men and women
  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia surgery
  • Reconstructive urological surgery


We treat all uro-oncological pathologies.

In 2015, a new set of modern operating rooms was opened at East Tallinn Central Hospital, where now a variety of endoscopic, laparoscopic and open surgeries can be done using the latest equipment and technology.

An oncology council reviews all uro-oncological medical cases with first-time diagnosis of malignant tumours as well as other complex cases requiring the application of multiple treatment options. In addition to urologists, the council includes chemotherapy and radiation therapy specialists, radiologists and pathologists. Over the years, we have developed successful cooperation with the hospital’s Oncology Center as well as with the radiation therapy department at North Estonian Medical Centre.

The Center of Urology at East Tallinn Central Hospital was the first one in Estonia to start to use a new method for taking prostate tissue samples in March 2017. The method is a fusion of magnetic resonance tomography (MRT) and ultrasound scan: the precision of extracting biopsies from a potential tumour site discovered with MRT is improved with ultrasound guidance. This is a high-tech diagnostic procedure which requires input from the whole team, including radiologists, urologists and pathologists, as well as specialised equipment and training.

Kidney stones

A variety of endoscopic treatment options are available for kidney stones, such as:

  • ureteroscopic lithotripsy (URSL);
  • flexible ureterorenoscopy, or retrograde intrarenal surgery (FURS/RIRS);
  • percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL);

Kidney stones are accessed through the body’s urinary tract or directly through the skin (for large stones). All surgical procedures are endoscopic and minimally invasive. The Holmium Yag laser is used to break kidney stones into smaller pieces.

Due to our staff’s universal training and smooth teamwork our patient management process is fast and up to standard. This means that surgical procedures can be performed as soon as on the day of hospitalisation and patients can return to their daily routines more quickly.

Urology outpatient clinic

Treatment areas

  • E-consultation service
  • Consulting patients
  • Developing treatment plans for patients
  • Post-treatment monitoring of patients
  • Appointments with independently working urology nurses
  • Diagnostic urology tests
    • Endoscopy of the urinary tract. The procedure is done with a fiber-video cystoscope.
    • Urodynamic testing We have long-time experience in urodynamic testing. Urodynamic testing is done to assess the function of the bladder and urethral sphincters.
    • Kidneys, bladder and prostate gland ultrasound scan. Prostate tests (transrectal ultrasound scan) and biopsies are done by urologists who use modern, high-resolution ultrasound imaging equipment.

Day care clinic

Treatment areas

  • Andrological surgery
  • Procedures and tests
  • Administering medication to patients


Working together with the University of Tartu, the Center of Urology at East Tallinn Central Hospital serves as a training center for a number of medical students and residents of the university’s Faculty of Medicine.

An e-consultation service launched in April 2016 has further improved our cooperation with family doctors, speeding up the process of consulting and referring patients for treatment.  


Dr. Martin Kivi
Head of the Center
Phone 620 7403

Merle Paliale
Head of Nursing
Phone 620 7107

Dr.Toomas Tamm
Phone 620 7106




Dr. Armen Ahlberg
Tel. 620 7108​