Ear-Nose-Throat (Otolaryncology) Center

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1 036 inpatients and 948 day-care patients were treated at our Center in 2016; our doctors conducted 17 480 outpatient´s visits.

Ear-Nose-Throat Center offers comprehensive evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation services for adults and children with ear-nose-throat disorders. The Center combines III Surgical Department and Outpatient Clinic for ear-nose-throat patients, including subunits for Hearing and Vocal Disorders treatment.

Ear-Nose-Throat Outpatient Clinic provides consultations by doctors and nurses. The III Surgical Department is for curing ear-nose-throat disorders through surgical methods.

One of two higher grade hearing centers in Estonia is situated here offering services for patients with hearing disabilities and diagnostics for adults, infants and toddlers.

Voice Disorders Unit involves the services of laryngologist supported by the newest videoendoscopic apparatus and stroboscopy for diagnosing throat and vocal fold disorders. Voice Disorders Unit provides as well speech therapy and vocal coaching. Since 2013, we are the only internationally recognized functional voice disorders treatment facility in Estonia.

Location and contacts

III Surgical Department of Ear-Nose-Throat Center is located at East-Tallinn Central Hospital Magdaleena unit.

Appointments for doctors and nurses are offered at Ravi, Tõnismäe and Magdaleena units

Hearing Center is located at Ravi unit

Info and registration: +372 666 1900

Mare Kalvet
Head of the Center
phone +372 620 7916