Emergency care for expectant mothers

Emergency care for expectant mothers and other gynecological patients is provided at the Emergency Room of Women`s Clinic. There is a midwife and a gynecologist on your service for 24 hours a day.

You should come for an immediate examination, in case of:

  • you don’t feel fetus´ movements or he is moving less than usual;
  • you are experiencing vaginal bleeding (more than during your usual period);
  • your water broke or you are suspecting the rupture earlier than 37 weeks of pregnancy;
  • you are experiencing regular (painful) contractions earlier than 34 weeks of pregnancy;
  • you are gasping for air and you are short of breath, which are related to physical effort and do not pass by resting;
  • you have a high blood-pressure (pre-eclampsia);
  • you are experiencing a strong headache, dizziness, nauseas and pain in your upper-stomach.

If you are feeling unease about something else, not mentioned in the list, you are always welcome to call for consultation to our midwife on duty.


Tiina Angerjas
Head of Department
phone (+372) 53 096 277

Annaliisa Kruutmann
Head Midwife
phone 620 7402

Kristi Jõgisalu
phone 620 7165