Good to know

Getting your test results by phone

If you scheduled with your doctor or nurse a phone call to receive your test results, please make sure that you call on time. Otherwise your doctor or nurse might be busy with other patients and may be unable to answer your phone call.

Results on hard copy are issued upon receiving your application.

An application can be filled on our website or written by hand at the reception desks of East-Tallinn Central Hospital.

Telephone numbers of doctors

To contact your doctor by phone, please call customer service center (phone +372 666 1900) and you will be connected to the doctor´s office during appointment hours. Please bear in mind that if your doctor or nurse is occupied with other patients, he/she might not be able to answer your call. Phone numbers of specific departments are shown on our website under each Clinic (Our Personnel) or you may call 24-Hour-Hotlines if needed.

Patient Recalls

In case your doctor needs to call you back for a follow-up appointment, he/she will schedule a recalling appointment. If directed to a reception desk, you will be added to the general waiting list as a first time patient.
In the event of a follow-up appointment with the same doctor where 90+ days has passed since payment of the last appointment fee, €5 must be paid again as a new appointment fee.

Appointed tests

Diagnostic analyses and tests are performed at various units of our hospital. Please read carefully the referral letter for location info and make sure that you will be on time at the right address. Diagnostic tests are limited in time. In case you don’t show up at the right time, you may not be able to undergo the test appointed.

Open appointments

Appointments are usually open for next 6 months ahead.
Some specialists, e.g. dermatovenerologists, are on high demand and thus the waiting lists are long.  We apologize, but our capacity is limited.

Requirement for a referral letter

The requirement for a referral letter is a subject to The Health Insurance Act. Due to a limitation in medical expert appointment times, your first visit should be paid to a Family doctor (GP) who will refer you to an expert if needed.

Photographing and video recording

Please be aware that in East Tallinn Central Hospital it is not allowed to take photograps or make video recordings of any of the staff members.


Invoicing information

  • Invoices can be paid either in cash or via bank card.
  • When paying via bank transfer, please write the invoce number and  patient’s name  into the details of payment.
  • While staying at the hospital the electronic healt care system will automatically prepare the invoice. The patient is responsible for paying all invoices.
  • The invoices remain unpaid until the patient has made payments.

Reminder: When exceeding the payment deadline, the patient will receive a reminder and after having not received the payment within 30 days, the unpaid invoice will be handed over for encashment. For avoiding any inconveniences please pay all your invoices in time.