Making an appointment


For seeing a medical specialist you need to make an appointment:

  • by visiting the reception desk,
  • or by calling M-Fr 7.15-18.00 +372 666 1900


To cancel an appointment, please call +372 666 1900 or cancellation form is also available here.

Invoicing information

  • Invoices can be paid either in cash or via bank card.
  • When paying via bank transfer, please write the invoce number and  patient’s name  into the details of payment.
  • While staying at the hospital the electronic healt care system will automatically prepare the invoice. The patient is responsible for paying all invoices.
  • The invoices remain unpaid until the patient has made payments.

Reminder: When exceeding the payment deadline, the patient will receive a reminder and after having not received the payment within 30 days, the unpaid invoice will be handed over for encashment. For avoiding any inconveniences please pay all your invoices in time.