Scheduling an appointment with extra charge

Our hospital is offering appointments with extra charge in following cases:

  • if a patient is seeking an appointment with a specialist without a referral letter, but where such a letter is required;
  • if a patient is seeking a medical service which is not financed by the Health Insurance Fund;
  • if a patient is seeking to undergo a test or procedure (with the exception of X-rays) without a referral letter;
  • if a patient is seeking an appointment without having to wait;
  • if a patient is not covered by health insurance;
  • or if a patient asks for specific conditions during the provision of their service (e.g. a family suite, private room).

Our customer service will contact you via e-mail or by phone in 2 working days (Mo-Fr 8.00-16.00)

If the appointment time offered in e-mail does not suit you, please call +372 666 1900 (Mo-Fr 7.30-18.00).

If data provided or an e-mail address is incorrect, the appointment time will be cancelled.