Blood & Specimen Collection Sites

Blood and other specimen materials (urine, excrement etc) are collected by Blood Draw Stations. No appointments needed. Please deliver your specimen in a special single-use container, which you can buy at pharmacies. 

Some tests require patient to fast before giving blood sample. 

Specimen collection

Central Hospital Outpatient Clinic, 
Ravi 18,
  room RC0247, phone 620 7906


Sat 9.00–13.00,
Sun closed

Magdaleena Outpatient Clinic
Pärnu mnt 104,
rooms MC0251 and MC0251a
Sat & Sun closed
Tõnismäe Outpatient Clinic
Hariduse 6,
  rooms TP0119, TP0116
Sat & Sun closed


4 nurses are taking blood samples at Central Hospital Outpatient Clinic, 2 nurses at Magdaleena Outpatient Clinic and 1 nurse at Tõnismäe Outpatient Clinic.