Estonia with other European countries is participating in the project for Public Information Tobacco Control (PITOC)

12. September 2012

The goal of the PITOC is to diminish the number of illnesses and death caused by smoking through supporting tobacco production regulation.

A consumer should be well aware about the ingredients used in tobacco products. Therefore the project has collected an informative material of ingredients used by tobacco companies most hazardous to one´s health. A well informed consumer is capable to make a conscious decision about quitting smoking or not starting at first place.

PITOC project involves 17 partner institutions from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Denmark, Finland, France, Malta, Holland, Norway, Romania, Switzerland, Turkey, Poland and UK. Estonia is represented by National Institute for Health Development.

Project is funded by European Commission.

Info and contact:

Tiiu Härm

National Institute for Health Development expert


Phone: 659 3981