Let’s Celebrate World Breastfeeding Week Together

16. September 2015

Similarly to the rest of the world, the first week of August is celebrated as World Breastfeeding Week at East Tallinn Central Hospital. During this week, a video on correct breastfeeding techniques is shown and all babies born in August receive a gift.

At East Tallinn Central Hospital, we promote natural feeding. Breast milk is the best choice for babies, helping them to grow and develop as well as strengthening their immune system. Breastfeeding benefits mothers as well, reducing the risk of breast cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

“Breastfeeding is not simply feeding the baby. All that is created as a result of breastfeeding and mother-child interaction provides the baby with the best and most varied preparation for life,” says Ada Vahtrik, midwife and head of the breastfeeding counselling programme. “If breastfeeding is viewed as merely a vehicle for providing food to the baby, artificial feeding options tend to take over.” It has been scientifically proven that baby formulas – even the best of them – are never able to compete with breast milk and breastfeeding. Bringing about a shift in attitudes and establishing priorities requires ongoing collaboration between families and healthcare professionals. “Discussing breastfeeding during World Breastfeeding Week reminds us once again how important it is to set the right priorities and make the right health choices from the very start of a baby’s life,” holds Ada Vahtrik.

World Breastfeeding Week also marks the start of collaboration between East Tallinn Central Hospital and Polarn O. Pyret, a Swedish brand of children’s clothing. All new mothers receive a gift containing a pair of terry socks – blue or red-striped depending on the baby’s sex – by Polarn O. Pyret, an information leaflet on how to dress babies and a discount coupon with a congratulatory card by Polarn O. Pyret and East Tallinn Central Hospital.

“Polarn O. Pyret is very glad to have the opportunity to work with East Tallinn Central Hospital, where the goal is to provide all mothers-to-be with all-round counselling, support and care. It is wonderful to participate in a project for making gifts to all newborns. Clothing by Polarn O. Pyret is made with great care and love. These tiny socks are so special, because they fit a baby’s feet perfectly. We sincerely hope that the first steps of these little ones will be accompanied by lots of fun, excitement and happiness,” says Merje Vasar, representative of Polarn O. Pyret.

Vivian Arusaar, Head Midwife at East Tallinn Central Hospital, is also very excited for the collaboration. “By now, we have been celebrating World Breastfeeding Week for a number of years. I am so happy to see that in Estonia, breastfeeding is becoming increasingly more popular among women and that they are eager to share their experiences with other new mothers. Although this year’s Week is primarily focused on combining work and breastfeeding and emphasising society’s role in supporting breastfeeding mothers, it is impossible to overlook the fact that the foundation for successful breastfeeding is laid during pregnancy and childbirth. This is why we are striving to make a nice surprise for our patients and their families as part of the celebration of World Breastfeeding Week, and we have been doing this for several years in a row now. In addition to showing an instructional video on breastfeeding, this year we have launched a collaboration project with Polarn O. Pyret, so that when congratulating newborns on their arrival, we can encourage them to take bold and safe steps in this big and exciting world by presenting them with their very first pair of socks. I sincerely hope that this collaboration will bring great joy to all of us!”

The instructional video on breastfeeding is shown during World Breastfeeding Week at 20:00, 20:45 and 21:30 in room RB0112 of the Prenatal Department of the Women’s Clinic of East Tallinn Central Hospital. Duration of the video: 45 minutes.

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