The Centre of Oncology celebrated its 10th anniversary

13. October 2017

10 years ago the East Tallinn Central Hospital welcomed first oncologists into large family of physicians.

The head of the Centre of Oncology, dr Kristiina Ojamaa emphasises team work as the key word in oncology.“ It is important that hospitals, physicians and nurses would work together in treating a patient“, says dr Ojamaa. The patient will need to visit many different specialists to find solutions to their diseases. In this field East Tallinn Central Hospital is in good relations with North Estonia Medical Centre and also West Tallinn Central Hospital.

The 10th year of oncological work at the hospidal was celebrated with a conference. The conference focused on malignant tumors that are affecting the lives of people today, diagnostics, ways for treatment and also many ohter issuses that often remain unanswered during cancer treatment.

Raising awareness is the most important in today’s cancer treatment and screening is among the main methods of preventing cancer especially for the most common such as breast, cervical and colon cancer. But people do not yet acknowledge the importance of prevention and are quite passive in participating in screening programs. It has been proven that about 30% of all cancer diseases could be avoided if taken part in prevention programs.