Professor Jens-Uwe Stolzenberg in East Tallinn Central Hospital

18. September 2017

Professor Jens-Uwe Stolzenberg gave a seminar in East Tallinn Central Hospital. Professor Stolzenberg is an internationally recognised specialist in the field of endoscopic urology.

On September 15th East Tallinn Central Hospital hosted an international seminar of urology which brought together urologists from Estonia, Baltics and many other European countries.  The hospital had the honor to welcome professor Jens-Uwe Stolzenburg from University Clinic of Leipzig- a highly recognized specialist in urology.

„Professor Stolzenberg is a top practitioner and a specialist who been working in Germany, Canda, Cameroon and Great Britain. During his stay in Tallinn, the professore held a seminar and performed operations. It was a great honor,“ said dr Martin Kivi, the head of the Center of Urology.

The seminar was held in the form of operation-lecture. First and operation was peroformed which was viewable through a live streaming at the hospital and after that an explanatory lecture was given. Out of the two operations, the first one was endoscopic extraperitoneal radical prostectomy for a patient with prostate cancer and the second one laparoscopic kidney resection due to kidney tumors. All participants were able to ask questions about operations performed. The day ended with a lively discussion about the information obtained and operations observed.

For both of the operations dr Stolzenburg used minimallyi invasive endoscopic procedure. The method is widely accepted and used and allows to inspect tissues visually. Dr Kivi also pointed out that this kind of method will harm the tissues less, the recovery will be faster,  cause less pain and the scars will also be smaller. Although, the method has been used in East Tallinn Central Hospital for years,  the seminar provided an opportunity to observe  the doctor’s top level technics, ask questions and have discussions.

Dr Kivi says that arranging this kind of events togehter with Estonian Association of Urology proovides an opportunity for cooperation with leading specialists in this field and holding these kind of events will show that we can do very high level urological surgeries.