Appointments and information:
Appointments and information:

Prostate cancer isotope treatment with 177Lu-PSMA or RLT (1 procedure)

RLT or radioligand therapy is a treatment method, in which a particular ligand (PSMA or prostate-specific membrane antigen) shall be marked with radioactive lutetium and the drug shall be administered to the patient intravenously as a slow drip infusion.

This treatment method shall be used in the treatment of malign prostate tumours that have spread far. For the course of the treatment (up to 1 day), the patient shall be isolated into a special radiation-shielded treatment room where they can use a shower and toilet, Wi-Fi, TV, radio, fridge, kettle, etc.

The procedure also includes repeated whole body scanning and three-dimensional SPET/CT recording to detect the number and locations of tumour lesions.

You can come to the treatment only with a specialist’s referral.