Appointments and information:
Appointments and information:

Central Laboratory

The services of the central laboratory comprise simple and more specific analyses.

Tumour marker, allergy, autoantibody and immunodeficiency tests are performed among others. Laboratory physicians provide support for the expediency of acquiring and interpreting the analysis both for GPs and for other specialist physicians. The laboratory performs approximately 2 million analyses a year. Usually, the specimen material is blood. The Central Laboratory is accredited in conformity with the EVS-EN ISO 15189 standard since 2007.


Blood offices

Blood offices are ready for you to give blood specimens at Ravi, Magdaleena and Tõnismäe units (specific locations). The specimen that you have collected yourself is also submitted at these locations. We serve all patients in the order determined by the physicians of AS ITK. We serve GP patients based on the referral letter or based on the e-order made for the central laboratory. You can also come here to give a specimen if you know the wanted analysis or if you would like to obtain a laboratory package. In order to identify yourself, please bring some ID with you.


Central laboratory at Ravi
Ravi 18, Tallinn

59.42701, 24.75573

Central laboratory at Magdaleena
Pärnu mnt 104, Tallinn

59.41682, 24.73878

Central laboratory at Tõnismäe
Hariduse 6, Tallinn

59.43068, 24.7415


Vilve Ainson
Vilve Ainson
Account manager
vilve.ainson [at]
Liisa Kuhi
Liisa Kuhi
Head of Center
Kristiina Reiman
Kristiina Reimann
Head of nursing