Centre of Sterilisation

The Centre of Sterilisation is a small manufacturing unit of East Tallinn Central Hospital where sterile medical equipment is produced (again) for the performance of surgeries and other procedures of a surgical nature. Our department has the ability to carry out the maintenance of all medical supplies starting from the reception of used supplies until the delivery of sterile supplies.

Sterilisatsioonikeskuse avamine

  • The Department of Sterilisation works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • In one day, we clean, maintain and sterilise approximately 80–90 operation kits and in addition, hundreds of packages of various medical equipment.

In cooperation with the training and development centre of our hospital, we have been the leading training organiser for the maintenance and sterilisation of medical supplies in Estonia since 2005. National sterilisation days and the additional training of sterilisation specialists have become very popular.

Over 17 medical supply maintainers and a manager are working at the centre.


Kairi Kukk
Kairi Kukk
Head of Center
kairi.kukk [at]