Centre of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care

The working areas of the centre are intensive care, anaesthesia and pain management.

The department of intensive care deals with the treatment of patients in a severe condition. The most common reasons for a referral to intensive care are cardiac, respiratory and renal insufficiency, impaired consciousness, delirium. We also treat patients in intensive care for the first couple of days after major surgery.

Information about patients:

  • From the intensive care doctor, phone 620 7096 (Mon-Fri 13.00-14.00, Sat-Sun 12.00-14.00).
  • Information from the nurse and questions about living arrangements, phone 620 7094
  • To visit a loved one, make an appointment in advance with the doctor on duty at tel. 620 7096.

Anaesthesia allows one to perform surgeries and other painful procedures by creating analgesia (absence of pain) quickly, safely and pleasantly, reducing anxiety (unconsciousness during general anaesthesia) and if necessary, relaxing muscles. One very important aspect of anaesthesia is the assurance of the physiological balance of the body (normal blood pressure, oxygen, breathing, body temperature) during, before and after the surgery.

If the patient undergoing surgery has serious comorbidities, they will meet an anaesthetist prior to the surgery at the clinic. The aim is to achieve the optimal condition of the patient for the surgery; if necessary, the treatment can be corrected and you can consult with specialists. 

Patients with chronic pain are admitted by our pain physicians at the Ravi and Magdaleena Hospital units (ontological patients).



Anestesioloogia ja intensiivravi keskus
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Marika Oinus
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