Appointments and information:
Appointments and information:

Centre of Nursing Care

In our nursing care department, we alleviate patient discomfort and provide recommendations on how to cope in the future.

For a patient still requiring the help of a nurse after inpatient nursing care, we offer the home nursing service.

The hospice unit in our clinic provides attention and care to the person about to leave this world as well as the family and loved ones who are about to lose somebody.

The patients are referred to the nursing care department by a family physician or a specialist physician from outpatient or inpatient treatment with a referral.

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  • Referral to independent inpatient nursing care / home nursing service 
  • Rules for maintaining the waiting list
  • Own contribution for independent inpatient nursing care
  • Arrival for hospitalisation
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  • Visitation of patients
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Nursing care

Centre of Nursing Care
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