Hospice provides attention and care for the entire family and loved ones who are about to lose somebody.

Death is sad, yet inevitable, and sometimes people and their loved ones need help coping with it. Here at the hospice, we support a person’s right to die with dignity.

When a terminally ill person who is about to leave us feels the presence of their family and finds peace of mind, the entire family will find it easier to cope with their death.

Our staff follows a comprehensive or holistic approach when it comes to treating people, which considers the patient’s physical, psychological, social and existential needs to be equally important.

ITK hospice

Our physicians, nurses, caregivers and social worker have all been trained in hospice philosophy and offer, as a team, the following for patients and their loved ones:

  • holistic care;
  • palliative care;
  • open and honest communication;
  • cooperation between different specialists and loved ones;
  • contact and consistency;
  • grief counselling

ITK hospice

ITK hospiceITK hospice