Women's Clinic

The Women's Clinic of East Tallinn Central Hospital offers women trustworthy and professional help in taking care of their health and becoming a mother. All of our gynaecologists, midwives and paediatricians are committed to working towards the best health of our patients.

The Centre of Gynaecology welcomes patients of all ages. With the help of state-of-the-art medical technology, our competent doctors, midwives and nurses provide diagnosis and surgical treatment of gynaecological diseases and offer preventive screening for breast and cervical cancer. To have a breast examination, you are welcome to come for an appointment at the breast health office. We have a Centre for Infertility Treatment with highly experienced and skilled staff.

In addition to a regular gynaecologist's appointment, we offer preoperative counselling for patients with gynaecological cancers as well as counselling in the field of gynaecological oncology in general. More information on cancer treatment can be found on the cancer treatment page of East Tallinn Central Hospital -

We offer free individual counselling in a friendly and trustworthy youth office for young people up to 26 years of age. A paediatric gynaecologist's appointment and perimenopausal counselling are offered separately.

The Maternity Hospital of East Tallinn Central Hospital is the oldest maternity hospital in Estonia. A quarter of all Estonian children are born in our Perinatal Centre. Long-standing tradition and the continuity of generations connect many of our patients to the hospital as their grandmothers and mothers have given birth here. Now the third generation is increasingly turning to our maternity hospital.

The Women's Clinic of East Tallinn Central Hospital has been awarded the title of a baby-friendly hospital. We were the first to be granted this title by UNICEF in 2008 and again in 2019 after a repeat evaluation. The principles of a baby-friendly hospital are simple and humane: love and care, the closeness of mother and child, the necessity of breast milk and the creation of preconditions for successful breastfeeding. To provide support to the Centre of Premature Newborns of East Tallinn Central Hospital, a unique breast milk donor bank has been established in Estonia.

In summer 2016, we received a certificate as a result of accreditation from the European Board and College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, which recognises the Women's Clinic of East Tallinn Central Hospital as an accredited European learning base of obstetrics and gynaecology.

PLEASE NOTE! At the Women’s Clinic, you can book an emergency/urgent appointment with a gynaecologist for the same day from Monday to Thursday. 

Book an appointment by calling reception in the morning on 666 1900:

  •   in the case of menstrual disorders or irregular menstruation

               o   bleeding during non-menstrual periods which does not exceed bleeding during normal menstruation

  •   in the case of mild, moderate or prolonged abdominal pain
  •    in the case of symptoms indicative of a vaginal infection

     For breast-related issues, please e-mail rind [at] ().

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Brigita Tamm
Brigita Tamm
Head of Clinic
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Vivian Arusaar
Vivian Arusaar
Head of midwifery
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Sirje Pajus
Sirje Pajus
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