Pregnancy crisis counselling

The East Tallinn Central Hospital cooperates with pregnancy crisis counsellors from the Väärtustades Elu (SAVE) Foundation, who offer psychological support and information necessary to better cope with the complexities of pregnancy.

Expecting a child does not always include the ideal picture of a perfect pregnancy and family happiness, which we often set for ourselves and our partner in our expectations. The process of adapting to a new situation and changes in the relationship between a man and a woman can cause problems.

On the other hand, it may be an unexpected situation – miscarriage, unwanted pregnancy, termination of pregnancy, infertility and related research and treatment, birth of a sick or disabled child, separation during pregnancy or death of a child. A woman, man or family in such a situation should not be left alone with their worries and should ask for help from a pregnancy crisis counsellor or midwife.

  • Counselling is available on all working days. You can register for an appointment at the registration desk by calling 666-1900 or through a gynaecologist/midwife.
  • You will be supported by specially trained pregnancy crisis counsellors – psychologists and psychological counsellors.
  • Counselling is provided in both Estonian and Russian, and is free of charge.